New Year, New products!

Happy (somewhat belated) new year to all! To help celebrate the start of 2015, D’Asaro Designs is releasing two new products, one updated one, and a new piece of software.

New this year:
A handy device for testing the power supplies from a wide array of early PC computers including the original IBM PC, the XT, the AT, some PS/2 models, and most clones made up until 1995 or so. It is called the AT PS Test and is available here!

A programmer for the Siemens SDA-2006 EEPROM. This EEPROM was used in the Sartorius MP8 series of lab balances to store calibration and model differentiation data. If it looses its data over time the balance will stop working until the data is reprogrammed. This chip is not supported by any commercial programmer, so if you work on lab balances or have a la laboratory with a lot of Sartorius MP8 balances, you should consider buying the new 2006Prog. It is available here.

Updated this year:
A new version of the 2801Prog, a programmer for the MCM2801. The MCM2801 was used in the Mettler PE series of balances and has the same problems and lack of commercial support as the SDA-2006. This updated (Rev.1) programmer fixes several small hardware and software bugs and positions the release lever for the ZIF socket on the side of the board for easier use. Check it out here!

To support these new programmers (and provide an update for the original 2801) I am also releasing a new GUI application called gEEProg. This convenient Python-based GUI supports all current D’Asaro Designs programmers and runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. As compared to the older 2801Prog GUI which shipped with the original 2801Prog programmer, gEEProg features a more intuitive buffer editor, on screen help, support for switching endianness of the buffer, and more! You can download it here.

Thanks to all my loyal customers! May you all have a prosperous 2015!