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An Update about D’Asaro Designs and a New Product

Dear Customers – First, I want to thank you all for your support and purchases since I first started selling my original Commodore PET ROM adapters in 2010. That was when I was still an undergraduate at the University of Washington in Seattle (Go Huskies). When I went for graduate school at MIT (Go Beavers) […]

Reopening Delay

Loyal customers – I am sorry, but getting set back up after the move is taking longer than expected. Reopening will be delayed until at least the middle of March. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause. Matthew

A New Version of the 2006Prog is Here!

After selling out of the original 2006Prog SDA-2006 EEPROM programmers, I have released a new rev. 1 version. The major change is that the programmer socket is now unpowered except when the programmer is actively reading or programming a chip, reducing the risk of damage when a chip is inserted with the programmer turned on. […]

The 2801Prog Programmer now supports the NCR 52801 EEPROM

It has recently come to my attention that the NCR 52801 is a drop-in replacement for the Motorola MCM2801 and thus it can be programmed in the 2801Prog programmer. I have thoroughly tested the 2801Prog with the┬áNCR 52801 and have verified that it works. More more information see the 2801Prog product page here. The programmer […]

Updated Device List for the EPROM Programmer Universal Adapter

This update adds support for the following: -TI TMS-2532 EPROM (Was previously incorrectly listed with the 2332 family) -TI TMS-2564 EPROM (Was previously incorrectly listed with the 2364 family) -1702 EPROM Family: (1601, 1602, 1702, 1702A) -2704 EPROM -8332 and 9332 ROMs -MC68764, MCM68764, and 27HC641 EPROMs Get the updated list here.