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Reopening Delay

Loyal customers – I am sorry, but getting set back up after the move is taking longer than expected. Reopening will be delayed until at least the middle of March. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause. Matthew

Cleaning the encoders in Agilent 33220A Function Generators

Do you have an Agilent 33220A function generator? If so, you may well have experienced an annoying problem where the control knob does not operate smoothly – the number on the display doesn’t change when the knob is turned, changes erratically, or even changes in the wrong direction! Well, this is actually a very easy […]

A New Version of the 2006Prog is Here!

After selling out of the original 2006Prog SDA-2006 EEPROM programmers, I have released a new rev. 1 version. The major change is that the programmer socket is now unpowered except when the programmer is actively reading or programming a chip, reducing the risk of damage when a chip is inserted with the programmer turned on. […]

A Quick Fix for Tektronix TLA5000 Series Logic Analysers

I was recently tasked with repairing fourteen Tektronix TLA5202 logic analysers, part of a classroom set used for a VLSI class. Although over ten years old at this point, these are still very capable machines and are worth several thousand dollars on the used market, so they are usually well worth fixing. Figure 1 shows […]

The 2801Prog Programmer now supports the NCR 52801 EEPROM

It has recently come to my attention that the NCR 52801 is a drop-in replacement for the Motorola MCM2801 and thus it can be programmed in the 2801Prog programmer. I have thoroughly tested the 2801Prog with the┬áNCR 52801 and have verified that it works. More more information see the 2801Prog product page here. The programmer […]