New products and Updated Device List for the EPROM Programmer Universal Adapter

Two new products! First, a replacement ingaurd ROM for the HP 3455A multimeter is now available. This is a drop-in replacement for the original custom HP ROM. Order here. Second, Batten and Allen DIP edge clip pins are now available for sale. These special pins allow a PCB to be made to plug securely into any DIP socket without damage to the socket. These pins are currently used on the new 6540 ROM adapters and the 3455A ingaurd ROM and will be on all future IC replacement products.

There is also an update to the device list for the EPROM Programmer Universal Adapter. Changes include support for 2316-type ROMs with different chip-select configurations, addition of the 2316B ROM, and a correction to the data for the 1818-2270 ROM. Previously, problems reading the 1818-2270 on Willem programmers were attributed to access time. This was incorrect. The actual problem is that the ROM has open collector outputs and thus requires that pullup resistors be used if they not already present in the programmer as is the case with the Willem. Download the updated list here.