Philco M-7 Turntable Rubber Cap (Used in Philco 46-1201 ‘Bing Crosby’)


This part will help fix problems with the Philco M7 turntable not shutting off when the record ends. The M7 turntable was used in the Philco 46-1201 ‘Bing Crosby’ radio / phonograph as well as other Philco models.

In these players, when the needle reaches the run-out groove, the back and forth motion of the tone arm causes a little rubber cap to ‘ratchet’ along a part attached to the underside of the tone arm, ultimately flipping over a mercury switch and shutting off the motor. However, with age most of these little rubber caps have gotten hard and brittle and will no longer grip enough to shut off the machine. This is a reproduction part that will replace that original rubber cap and return your machine to operation! These replacements are made of PVC (vinyl), which unlike the original rubber, will not harden or crack but is still sticky enough to get a good grip.

Some notes on instillation and troubleshooting:
Make sure to carefully clean the rubber cap and the part it rubs on with isopropyl alcohol after installation to remove all finger prints, oils, and grease for maximum gripping. If the part ever does give trouble, a repeated careful cleaning of this nature will almost certainly set it right again. Finally, if none of the above helps, make sure that the paint on the part that the rubber caps rubs on is in good shape. It needs to be a smooth hard surface to get a proper grip, so if this paint is chipped, it is a good idea to repaint it with glass black automotive touch-up paint. (This mechanism was never the most reliable…)


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