An Update about D’Asaro Designs and a New Product

Dear Customers –

First, I want to thank you all for your support and purchases since I first started selling my original Commodore PET ROM adapters in 2010. That was when I was still an undergraduate at the University of Washington in Seattle (Go Huskies). When I went for graduate school at MIT (Go Beavers) later that year, I rapidly expanded my product line and learned a tremendous amount about electronics and business in the process. Then, in January 2017 I finished graduate school with my PhD in EE (I am now proudly Dr. D’Asaro the 3rd) and moved back to Seattle. I now have an exciting job as a research and development engineer at Sea-Bird Electronics, a small firm in Bellevue that is the world leader in oceanographic instrumentation. I love the job and the company, but I don’t have nearly as much time (or space) to work on independent projects as I used to when I was in school. Thus, I have been forced to stop selling most of my hand-made electronics products. I am still planning on getting back into business eventually with products that I can have made for me by outside suppliers. Stay tuned.

To start things off, I have introduced a new product that is a bit outside of what I have done in the past. You can read all about fixing a Skil 1616 chainsaw and having custom fuel filters made here.

Thanks again,
Matthew D’Asaro