Why go Circline

Many people are using compact fluorescent lights. They are helping to save energy and they are saving money at the same time, but many of them are unaware of another choice available to them: Circline fluorescent lights. Circline fluorescent lights have many advantages over compact florescent lights and linear (straight-bulb) fluorescent lights.

Circline fluorescent lights, unlike screw-in base compact fluorescent lights, have separate ballasts. This is even true with adapter ballasts that screw into a lamp and take a standard 22 or 32 watt Circline fluorescent light. The ballast in a Circline fluorescent fixture is a full ballast as you would find in a linear fluorescent light. This means you can get electronic ballasts, pre-heat ballasts, rapid-start ballasts, etc. to fit your specific need. This is also an advantage over a compact fluorescent which you would screw into a normal socket because you are not paying for a new ballast every time your bulb dies. This also is more environmentally friendly, since you are throwing less stuff away.

Circline fluorescent lights last as many years or even longer and put out as pleasing light, if not better, compared to linear fluorescent lights. Since the tube on a Circline fluorescent light is a T9, the phosphor coating on the inside of it will be near the electrode, which is hot. This keeps the phosphor from darkening prematurely. This also means that if you get quality Circline fluorescent lights then they will not start to flicker or flash after only a few months of use. Because they are "real" fluorescent lights, they come in many "colors," really shades of white, ranging from a cool shop light to a warm light you would like having in your kitchen.

Circline fluorescent lights are attractive because of their small size and high light output. Normal linear fluorescent light fixtures like you might put up in your kitchen or garage are large, heavy, hard to put up, and can be very ugly. Circline fluorescent lights can put out comparable amounts of light and they are small, light, and easy to put up in any room in your house. They will fit on your existing electrical box, so no new wiring is necessary. They come in a variety of styles that will fit your personal decorating needs.

In summary, homeowners and businesses should consider using Circline fluorescent lights to save energy and money while still providing quality lighting. Circline fluorescents are inexpensive, easy to install, and help keep our landfills from filling up.